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Sacred · Parenting

The Spirituality of Parenting

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Since my husband and I could not agree on what kind of spiritual, baptism/wiccaning-type cermony to have for our son, we didn't do anything. However, I've been thinking about doing something small and private, maybe even just the baby and me.

Not sure how I want to approach it yet, though.

Have any of you help spiritual rites for your children? Care to share?

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Hi there. It's hard to top such great art- thanks, spiralbound, for starting this community. I hope we can keep it going for a long time.  Since I'm pregnant with my first (29 weeks), I've been reading and looking at quite a few books on mothering, birth, fathering and babies. Recently I found one called "10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting. Nurturing your child's soul", by Mimi Doe and Marsha Walch. I probably should have waited until I was DONE reading the book to talk about it, but that could be a long wait.  There are quotes from kids throughout the book. Some of them are very touching... 
"my mom let me go outside last night in my nightgown and run through the rain. I felt so free. I had to take a warm bath afterward, but it didn't even matter."(age 9)
"teatime with my mom each day after school is my favorite time of all. We drink tea out of real china teacups we have been collecting and talk about our days. It's cozy and peaceful and I have to sip very slowly or it will burn me. It's like the warm tea finally slows me down. I like that. "(age 6)
I'd like to think that I'll be that kind of parent, that does things like that with my daughter.
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Just to keep the ball rolling, I posted a piece of art I made when I was pregnant. It's called "Motherline." I was thinking about it today because I was musing how being a mom has been the only thing that's really helped my grief over losing my mom five yars ago. I feel amzingly connected to her now, as I imagine her taking care of me as a baby.
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Welcome to the very newborn community:)

I wanted to open up posting with a dream that meant so much to me. I'll link outside the journal to my blogspot page. 

Soon I'll post my birth story, or rather, I'll link to it also, because it's looooong. It's taking me a while to write it and process the experience, but I really need to share it. It was such a shock for me to have to deliver in the hospital, and I had some annoying and painful complications, and all in all I kind of feel like my birthing was stolen from me. Not by anyone or thing but fate, I suppose. Sharing and writing is kind of my way of reclaiming the experience for myself. And by the way, it took me 4 months to realize I am pissed at my doula! She slept at home through the first 7 hours of my labor, when I was in the hospital with pitocin punping into me and monitors plastered all over my belly, freaking out completely. I really needed someone to reassure me that I was still in control and that my body wasn't broken or anything. By the time she got there, the most productive thing she did was hold my feet and leg while I pushed. 


Sorry to start out on a negative note, but read my dream- it's chock full of happy:)

Blessings & welcome,
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