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Sacred · Parenting

question for parents

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How has parenthood changed your spirituality?

When my son was born 16 months ago, I found three significant changes in my spiritual life:

One, motherhood strengthened my faith.  Two, it heightened my sense of responsibility - a desire to serve deity, live as a role model, take social and political action, live healthier and in greater harmony with the earth, all that crunchy stuff.  

Note I said desire... I'm still working on the actual doing.  Parenting a 16 month old is tiresome, demanding work that doesn't leave time and energy for much else.  Which seems to explain the third major change: I feel like my Gods have fewer expectations of me than they used to.  As if to say "focus on the little one.  We're in no rush."

I'm especially interested to know if anyone else has experienced this last bit.  Do you feel your higher power is cutting you some slack?  Or just the opposite?


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On October 2nd, 2007 06:43 pm (UTC), alexisyael commented:
My son is also 16 months old! (Well, 16.5 months, to be precise :D)

For so long, a part of my spirituality was just so bound up in the *asking* (for a child, actually -- we TTC'd for almost 2 years). Then after I got pregnant, that part of my spiritual life was so focused on being thankful. Now, at 16 months PP, I think I'm finally getting out of my own little orbit again, to be able to see where *I* might be needed in the world, if that makes sense. But I'm also taking baby steps in that regard, since my son still needs me so much.
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