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holiday thoughts

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Happy Holidays to everyone who has or will be celebrating a holiday this season. Today's Winter Solstice, so I'm excited. I'm also a little annoyed, as I am each year, that I've allowed it to get lost in the Christmas chaos. (We, or I, celebrate Solstice and Christmas. My husband's not pagan) I wanted to start a tradition of getting Molly a small earth-centered gift for Solstice each year. This year it was to be a fairy tale book- any one would do, but we haven't had a chance to shop since discovering that we can afford some modest gifts. However, we'll be making baker's clay ornaments tomorrow. Or, rather I will be doing so while M watches from her Bumbo seat.

Meanwhile, her grandparents are showering her with books about Christ. I'm fine with that, as I want her to learn about a variety of traditions, and it's a part of her family. However, it is a wake up call that as she ages, I'm going to have to be much more involved with church and my circle or their influence will be what she learns most. That sounds like I think they are part of an insidious cult- I don't. I just prefer, like any mom, that I she learns alot about my faith. I ranted at length about this in my blog.

Anyone here raising kids in a faith you weren't raised in? Are you encountering problems? I'm afraid as she ages it'll create some discomfort between the grandparents and me. My paganness has never really come up, although they're aware vaguely. Of course it'll become an issue more as they discuss things with M. I hate conflict so I'm feeling anxious a little bit. I am uncomfortable I guess because although a blend of faiths is perfectly comfortable to me, they may be quite offended if for instance, Molly someday mentions that Mama says Jesus is one of many prophets/God figures like Krishna or Buddha. I'm insecure about being seen as a weirdo in the family. I used to be very confrontational and "out of the closet" but as my enthusiadm for attending circle dwindled, it's been less important to me. Now I want to get more involved but it could be weird with family... 

Thanks for letting me vent in a community. I promis I don't want this to become my own sounding board. Chime in with posts on any topic anytime. I'm planning to promote the community a little as soon as i can get responses from other mods to get permission.

What kind of activities are you doing with your kids this year? Is this time of year important in your life at all? Are the holidays religious or family-oriented?
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On December 21st, 2006 11:43 pm (UTC), ladytairngire commented:
My husband and I were both raised Catholic. He still considers himself one, more or less, and all our family members are Catholic - so I am a lone pagan among Papists. :p

It's not really an issue - everyone is comfortable with everyone else. My only concern is, like you, I want to be sure my son is raised with at least an appreciation for what I hold to be sacred. And that puts a lot of responsiblity on me, especially since I am a solitary witch. I have to invent the traditions I want to pass on to him.
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