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Sacred · Parenting

April 13th, 2008

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we have been in our new (rented) home for 6 months now and while this is really great, and life is grand, we have experienced sicknesses and had to contend with an infestation and there is a creepy born again christian upstairs. the move-in procedure was horrifying as a result of the owner not actually getting her stuff out when we were supposed to be moving in, and she left a lot of shit too. so it was very confusing and disorganised and we have managed but have yet to get the basement sorted...etc.

i know it's long overdue, but i need some cleansing, protection, good energy charging rituals to get things really "right" around here.

i'm looking at the moon and between now and april 20 is waxing, and between then and may 5 is waning. so i hope to focus on building white light and love and power for the next week or so, then focus on banishing "crud" for the following cycle(probably to include some sage smudging) till may 5 when i would like to have some freinds over for a drumming circle or something of the sort. (or would the drumming be more appropriate on the full moon?).

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I joined this thread because I really believe that parenting has a huge spiritual dimension to it. Here we are forming little minds and spirits and it's a huge responsibility. But I've undertaken it, and I hope not to $crew up too badly and I like to hear what other people do in this regard.
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