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Sacred · Parenting

January 20th, 2008

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spiritually, i have had several epiphanies as a direct result of parenting. some were wonderful and some were life changing(of course) and some were downright healing crisises(sp).

does anyone have any thoughts about how children can heal your own spirit...and care to share about how to manage parenting through a spiritual awakening or a healing crises.

i have 3 kids and a husband and i just want to be alone for a while. by that i don't mean an hour. i mean, a couple of days. i have practiced attachment parenting and i run a home daycare, so i'm ready to go away.

...but i'm realizing the nature of ME and my family forces me to reflect on my own truth. it's good and bad at the same time. but it makes me tired to be doing this work and i just wanna SLEEP!!

the dishes are calling and the floor needs sweeping but i will take another nap soon.

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