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Samhain Vs. Halloween

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OK, in the great battle of celabrating Samhain vs. Halloween, I think it's like Jesus vs. Santa Claus to me, and I'm choosing Santa Claus metaphorically.

You see, my pagan group has scheduled Samhain ritual smack dab in the middle of Trick-or-Treat. They are apparently less kid-inclusive than they were when I attended circle regularly, and when I tried to take Molly she was a banshee. Of course, she's too young to eat candy, but I'm so excited to dress her up in her little turtle costume and sit outside passing out treats to the older kids. I love trick-or-treat, so I'm not missing it. I think I've chosen before to do family stuff that's oriented around a non-pagan holiday. Like missing winter solstice for an early Christmas party. I guess this is a problem particular to minority faiths or newer religions. I guess the conclusion I've drawn is that my family is more spiritually valuable than our Wiccan rituals. I think I'm finding more and more that I'm more UU than Wiccan. Which is fine. Just thinking out loud. This was going to be a rant about my group being anti-kid but my anger fizzled, sorta. It's annoying, though, because we hardly ever do circle on the actual Sabbat, and the one time we do, they plop it in the middle of trick-or-treat, even though three of us are mamas. I'm going to email the unofficial "leader" of the group to see if the other moms have raised the question of meeting later.

On a note of positivity, the UU congregation is officially a "welcoming" congregation to the Lesbian/Gay/Biexual/Transgender community, so we're having a "Coming Out" celebration Suday a.m. I'm baking cookies:) I love my church.

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On October 27th, 2006 05:45 pm (UTC), alexisyael commented:
I was just sorta having this conversation (from a different perspctive) with a friend of mine today. We live in SUCH a Christian town that her daycare (which is a Montessauri, and so very progressive, even Liberal for this town) isn't having a Halloween party on Tuesday, but had it today so that the mamas who are offended by the holiday (b/c it is "anti-Christ") would be able to go out of town and miss it! (Apparently that's pretty common here.)

And here's me, Ms. Used-to-be-Pagan, so I feel kinda odd celebrating Halloween but not Samhain -- but whatever, I LOVE me some costumes! -- who REALLY REALLY wishes I could make it over to New Orleans this weekend, cause that is PARTAY central for Halloween and would be so much fun, but my friends who live in NO half the time and here the other half are coming home tomorrow day instead of staying over the weekend, so I wouldn't have a crash space so it's not do-able this year :(

Anyway, we both thought it was funky that the Christians here are so down on Halloween, but I guess I can sorta see where they're coming, seeing as how in my book, it really *is* a Pagan holyday, and while I think that's cool, obviously fundie Christians don't :(

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On October 27th, 2006 06:22 pm (UTC), daisybones replied:
Yep, this one's soooo pagan. The funny thing is, almost ALL Christian holidays have dates and associations with pagan holidays. Where do they think Easter Eggs and Mistletoe come from? But they get bent out of shape about Halloween. I actually really respect strict Christians who don't celebrate it because it is so pagan, but I wish they knew how many other holiday traditions they need to 86 if they're going to be so hard-line. Blah, the bottom line is HALLOWEEN is FUN! Is the Rem dressing up?
On October 27th, 2006 06:32 pm (UTC), alexisyael replied:
hopefully he will be! our friends have a turtle costume or a lion, so we'll try on both, see which fits better and hopefully get pics of both!
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On October 27th, 2006 07:05 pm (UTC), daisybones replied:
Squee! Molly & Remy could be the turtle twins:) We love the turtle costume, but we also have a pea pod that is so cute I'll probably get pictures in that too:)
On October 28th, 2006 12:14 am (UTC), alexisyael replied:
Turtle twins!!!! That is SQUEE! (We LOVE turtles!!!!)
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